Low Cost Health Insurance – Humana Florida

Humana of Florida has a diverse collection of business units that service the Florida area.  These services range from specialized benefit offerings, like dental of pharmacy coverage, to providing coverage to specific populations or demographics, such as our service men and woman.   Humana Military Healthcare Services, Humana Dental, Humana One and Humana Pharmacy Solutions all provide low cost health insurance to the residents of the State of Florida.  Humana posits a unique approach to designing health care plans, as well as guiding their participants, which leads to a mindset change in the way consumers select and utilize healthcare services.

Humana Military provides low cost health insurance to those in the United States Armed Services.  They founded in 1993, and established its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky.  Currently, 2.8 million military men and women are members of Humana.  There are 70 service centers in the southern U.S., and 53 military treatments centers, some of which can be found in Florida, all supported by Humana Military.  In 1995, Humana Military became a TRICARE contractor, and almost 33% of Humana Military employees are also TRICARE members.  Humana Military actively partners with the U.S. Department of Defense to deliver affordable and quality health services to those in active duty.

Humana One provides low cost health insurance to individuals and families in the State of Florida.  Their target market is the small business owner, college graduates and students, and those who have recently retired. It is required for members to use Humana’s specific physician and hospital base. Humana One is one of the largest health insurance companies that are traded publicly, and currently counts over 11 million medical members.  Humana One offers plans that can be tailor made to your specific needs.  While some plans consist of extensive coverage or provide members with a wide variety of options, others focus on short term needs, less coverage or low cost – high deductible designs.

Humana Dental and Humana Pharmacy Solutions are two specialized offering that provide supplemental low cost health insurance.  Humana Dental provides over 130,000 dentist office locations, and assures that they guarantee service, provide accurate and quick claim payment times, and offer reliable and friendly service to their over 2.6 million members.  Humana Pharmacy Solutions also has a network of over 300 specialists, which administer over 201 million prescriptions per year.  They purport that their pharmacists offer cost management, expertise, experience, consumer education and innovation in designing benefit plans.

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