Florida Health Insurance Providers – Learn Who to Insure With Here

If there is one thing Florida has a lot of, that would be Florida health insurance providers.  These providers are affiliated with major national health insurance companies.  They are part of a respective network and have a contract with the insurance companies to accept a specific payment for a particular service, called the “allowed amount”.  As a health insurance policyholder, you have access to any provider in a given network if they are accepting new patients.

Most policies are written as PPO’s, which gives you the ability to seek treatment with any out of network provider with a stop-loss, but you will save more money if you seek medical care from a network provider.  Furthermore, you will have less out of pocket expenses if all your service is performed in-network.  What is interesting is that Doctors, Specialists, and facilities are called providers, but health insurance companies are also called providers.  Insurance industry professionals call health insurance companies, “carriers” and not providers.  We’ll outline some of the best carriers in this article.

Aetna is one of the strongest health insurance carriers in Florida.  They offer fair underwriting and they try to approve as many applicants as possible.  They offer copay and health savings account plans.  One of their best sellers is a copay plan, which comes with a high deductible, but the rate is the lowest in its class.  Check with us for a quote on this plan if you can absorb a high deductible, because we can get your rate down with Aetna.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida is another one of the many Florida health insurance providers.  Blue Cross offers plans ranging from basic coverage in the form of a PPO to extensive health care plans with customized coverage.  BCBSF also provides short term health insurance coverage, coverage designed specifically for graduate students and also provides a high deductible option that includes a health care spending account.  Vista Health Care has a network of over 6,000 doctors and 70 hospitals in the State of Florida.  Vista currently has approximately 330,000 members enrolled in its variety of plans including an HMO, a PPO, and a POS to name a few.

Golden Rule Insurance Company offers health savings accounts with high deductible health insurance programs.  Both A.M. Best and Standard & Poor’s rate Golden Rule Insurance Company with A’s when compared to other Florida health insurance providers.  Regardless of the health care plan you choose, Florida’s insurance providers may require proof of eligibility or deny coverage in instances of pre-existing conditions, for either individual and group coverage.  In the State of Florida, insurance companies guarantee businesses with less than fifty employees access to group health insurance.  Self-employed individuals also have the right to purchase group health insurance.

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