Florida Health Insurance Plan – Aetna of Florida

The State of Florida has many insurance carriers who offer comprehensive and affordable policies to its residents.  Aetna prides itself on customer service and member support to ensure that their constituents are well equipped to make educated decisions about their health care needs. The company effectively provides quality, reasonably priced and safe health services, as well as efficient preventative care to the policy holders. Considered a leader in the health care industry, Aetna builds strong relationships with both its base of hospitals and doctors, as well as employers, government officials and clients.  Aetna offers families and individuals a Florida health insurance plan at a reasonable cost.

Aetna was founded in 1850, and has over 34,000 employees in all 50 states.  Currently, there are almost 19 million active members, either securing family plans or individual medical plans, with approximately 235,000 active members of a Florida health insurance plan.  They also serve 14 million dental participants and 11 million pharmacy members.  Aetna includes over 5,000 hospitals and over 539,000 specialists and physicians.  Aetna’s mission is to assist individuals and families with their financial and health security by delivering health services of the highest quality.  Aetna targets their services towards small businesses through large corporations in the U.S.

Aetna is the first nationwide carrier to implement a health plan that is fully consumer directed.  A wide selection of employee insurance and benefits are offered through Aetna insurance policies.  Aetna continues to strive towards an overall member cost control, while still providing the ultimate in patient safety and care.  An Aetna Florida health insurance plan will focus on case and disease management.  Aetna also provides its participants with up to date and easy to understand data, information and tools to assist with their member’s overall well-being, both finically and health related.

If you are in the market for a Florida health insurance plan, Aetna offers a wide range of options, coverage’s, premiums and deductibles.  Medical and dental coverage, as well as pharmacy, disability and group life insurance are all services offered by Aetna in Florida.    They have also been awarded numerous awards ranging from the Behavioral Health Award to the A. Leon Higginbotham Corporate Leadership Award, both received in 2007.  Additionally, Aetna has been ranked #2 by Fortune magazine in the “Most Admired” list of corporations.  From Managed Choice to Health Spending Account plans and Point of Service plans, Aetna has a plan that can fit every need and budget.

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