Florida Health Insurance Companies

Florida health insurance companies make up a big chunk of this state’s industry. More than three years ago, Floridians got confined in hospital for more than ten million days. Insurance companies paid hospital bills amounting to $37 billion. Almost nine million residents availed of independent health insurance policies a year after. More than three million people were uninsured but they were able to avail of the insurance program called Florida Cares managed by a group of health care companies in this state.

Florida Health Insurance Companies

One of the reputable Florida health insurance companies is the (BCBSF) or Blue Cross Blue Shield Florida. It has seven plans which are:

· Temporary Plan

· Lower Premium Plan

· Value Plan

· Hospital Surgical Plus

· Health Plans w/Dental Benefits

· HSA-Compatible

· Predictable Cost

Aside from these seven plans, BCBSF partners with some pharmacies to give prescription relief insurance. It also teams up with Cover Florida Program to provide health care access to those residents who are not insured. Plans provided by BCBSF can be availed of by individuals and families. Their office is at Jacksonville, specifically at 4800 Deerwood Campus Pkwy.

One of the Florida health insurance companies of health insurance plans for Floridian individuals and companies is the Coventry Health Care of Florida (CHF). This company gives four kinds of plans namely:

· Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO)

· Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

· Coventry Point of Service Plans (CPSP)

· Consumer-directed Health Plans (CHP).

HMO Florida Health Insurance Companies

The HMO plans include participating doctor’s services while the PPO permits holders to pick their medical doctor of their choice for whatever reason they have. The CPSP allows holders to get the coverage level they want while the CHP can be customized thus allowing holders to get individual policies from the Coventry’s choices. There are optional plans offered by Coventry for prescription programs as well as special plans for individuals receiving Medicare.

The office of CHF is at 1340 Concord Terrace in sunrise, Florida. They can be reached at

866-847-8235 or via their website at www.chcflorida.coventryhalthcare.com

Florida’s Humana Health Insurance Company (HHIC) is given by the health insurance company called Humana One. Such plans can be availed of by individuals and families. The individual plans have four categories, namely:

· Short-term plans

· Co-pay plans

· Plans covering 100% expenses once deductible is met

· Plans utilized with an HSA or Health Savings Account

In 2010, the last plan can be availed of by individuals having deductibles from $1,500 to $5,950 and by families with deductibles of $3,000 to $11,900. HHIC has twelve branches in the state of Florida.

These are a few of the Florida health insurance companies in this state.  Get a quote from them today by clicking the banner below.


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