Florida Insurance Agency: Types, Role and Importance

A Florida insurance agency is a financial institution licensed to offer different insurance services and products to the public. Many people are getting themselves insured to protect themselves as well as their properties from unfortunate events including accidents, calamities and crimes. Whether you are in search for a car, health or life insurance, an agency can help you find one that will best fit your budget and needs.


Generally, there are two (2) types of insurance agency: (1) non life insurance agency and (2) life insurance agency.

  • Non Life Insurance Agency: This is an insurance agency type that sells and offers protection for properties (i.e. house, car, etc.), disability and health.
  • Life Insurance Agency: As its name implies, a life insurance agency is involved in selling or providing life insurance products. Among the things that are being covered in a life insurance include funeral expenses and burial fees.

Role of A Florida Insurance Agency

In general, the business function of a Florida insurance agency is centered on the sale of different insurance products. These are risk management opportunities that are aimed at protecting an individual or a property against unanticipated events by allowing policyholders to reimburse their expenses. For a policy holder to reimburse an expense, he needs to declare or file an insurance claim.

Normally, an insurance claim must be verified for authenticity prior to the release of the reimbursed funds. All claims must be verified in order to protect the agency from any fraudulent claim. Once the insurance claim has been confirmed to be authentic, reimbursement of funds will then take place.


Florida insurance agencies are important as they offer protection to policyholders against sudden expenses. By means of insurance agency services and products, policyholders will be financially assisted if ever a mishap occurred. Essentially, an insurance agency not just offers different policies but they also provide their clients peace of mind and security through various sorts of insurances.

Imagine just how much you need to pay if ever you were suddenly hospitalized due to an illness or your car has been damaged because of an accident. Getting yourself or your property insured can prevent you from spending thousands of dollars because of an unexpected event. Insurance agencies are there to provide payments depending on your losses or damages incurred from a specific event. That is why more and more people are consulting a Florida insurance agency to give themselves the kind of protection they need.