Florida Individual and Family Health Plans – Health Insurance

Perhaps your are in between jobs or you’d like to save some money putting your family on a Florida Individual and family health plans.  This health insurance usually does save people money compared to a family group insurance plan.  The reason is that the insurance rate is based of your age and health status.  If […]

Health Benefit Plans

Health benefit plans can be for major medical, indemnity, ancillary and more.  Any insurance that deals with accident and sickness is a health benefit plan of some type.  Most people are looking for a major medical PPO with Doctor copays and Rx coverage.  Some need a gap plan to cover deductibles PPO’s can leave a […]

Temporary Health Insurance Florida

Temporary Health Insurance Florida | Florida Health Insurance Short Term CLICK HERE TO QUOTE AND APPLY The primary reason you might want to consider a Florida health insurance short term policy is if you are in perfect health without any prior medical issues and are between jobs. The downside to temporary health insurance Florida is […]