Get the Right Health Insurance Plan with the Help of Florida Health Insurance Agents

Florida health insurance agents are professionals that help consumers address their health insurance needs. There are thousands of reputable and skilled health insurance agents in the state, serving a number of insurance companies. With the Internet, many online health insurance agents can easily be found in just a few clicks. It appears that illness and […]

Essence of Getting a Florida Health Insurance Quote

If you have tried reading different health insurance articles, perhaps, you often stumble upon suggestions to shop around for the right insurance plan by obtaining quotes. So, what are you thinking about this? Getting a Florida health insurance quote can help you in so many things especially when making a decision as to what plan […]

Choosing the Best Florida Health Individual Insurance Plan

In the state of Florida, many people acknowledge individual health insurance plans to be costly. However, stipulations, state regulations and qualifying terms change depending on the state department, insurance provider and the package plan in question. In comparison to a group health insurance plan, which is sponsored by employers, a Florida health individual insurance plan […]

Find the Right Health Insurance Quote: Get a Florida Health Insurance Instant Quote

When it comes to Florida health insurance, all companies are not created equal. To get the best policy that would fit all your needs, you should consider getting a Florida health insurance instant quote. Doing so will let you have a concrete grasp of your health insurance needs. You can get to decide easily too […]

BCBSFL Blue Cross Blue Shield Florida Blue – 2012 Benefit Matrix–A Plan For Everyone!

Click here for the 2012 BCBSFL Blue Cross Blue Shield Florida Blue plan designs.  See what all your options are and then request a quote for your specific plan numbers of interest and of your choice by calling 352-200-2066.  Instant real-time quotes and application assistance to get your new Florida Health Insurance Plan today! Insurance […]

Discover Florida Homeowner Insurance Quotes

Many Florida homeowners are asking if it is alright for them to transact their insurance needs online. The feedbacks from those who have tried getting Florida homeowner insurance quotes online seem to be enlightening. These are the people who do not want to be bothered by insurance agents and prefer to negotiate directly with the […]

HumanaOne Copay 70 Plan Review | Florida Individual Health Insurance

We at RTC Insurance Advisors have been saving our clients a lot of money on the HumanaOne Copay 70 this year.  Florida Individual Health Insurance can be affordable.  It’s ideal if you like copay’s for Doctor’s and Specialists, but don’t need to pay extra in premium to have unlimited copays.  This policy usually throws us […]

Catastrophic Comprehensive Insurance

In today’s individual health insurance market, finding the right and most competitively priced Catastrophic Comprehensive Insurance is easy if you are working with an agent who has access to all the top carriers.  RTC Insurance Advisors carries Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, Florida Blue, Humana, UnitedHealth One, Golden Rule, Aetna, and Cigna.  A quick […]

Florida Health Plans

When you are in the market for new health insurance, you will find out that there are a variety of Florida Health Plans to choose from.  Anyone can go online and choose the cheapest plan you see, but what are you getting?  What if outpatient services are not covered, what happens if I choose a […]