Florida Health Insurance Companies – Quality of Women’s Care Rankings

The State of Florida provides score, ranking and rating information on the various health plans and services in Florida.  Whether the plan is an HMO, Medicaid HMO, Medicaid PSN or Medicare HMO, each type of service is rated annually to assess its overall quality of care.  Below lists the highest ranked Florida health insurance companies for 2008 in regard to the specific types of services they provide.  Services reviewed include screenings, pre-natal care and treatment of high blood pressure and asthma.

The first specialties evaluated were those related to women’s health, including preventative pre-natal care and screenings for breast cancer, cervical cancer and Chlamydia.  The top five ranked Florida health insurance companies in the area of breast cancer screening are:  HealthSpring of Florida with an overall quality ranking of 88%, Capital Health Plan at 84%, Florida Health Care Plans receiving an 80% quality rate, Preferred Medical Plan coming in at 78% and CarePlus Health Plans at 76%.  When it comes to screening for cervical cancer, quality rankings are as follows:   Capital Health Plan – 88%, United Healthcare of Florida – 86%, Health First Health Plans – 86%, Aetna Health – 85% and rounding out the top five is Vista Health Plan of South Florida coming in at 84%.

Pre-natal is ranked overall with much higher quality of care ratings.  The top five rated Florida health insurance companies in the area of pre-natal care are:  Medica Health Plans of Florida with an overall rating of 97% quality of care and Capital Health Plan, Aetna Health, Florida Health Care Plans and Health Options all tying with a quality ranking of 95%.  Proactive Chlamydia screening is also a primary concern for women.  However its quality ratings are fairly low.  Top five ranked quality plans for Chlamydia screening are Capital Health Plan, HealthEase of Florida, WellCare of Florida, Citrus Health Care and Amerigroup Florida County ranging from 65% to 56% quality ratings.

Finally, Florida health insurance companies are also ranked on women’s care concerning treating high blood pressure and asthma.  In the treatment of high blood pressure, the top five ranked insurance companies for quality of care are:  Preferred Medical Plan at 72%, Capital Health Plan at 71%, Florida Health Care Plans ranked at 70% and Health First Health Plans and Aetna, rated at 66% and 65% respectively.  The treatment of asthma is rated fairly high for insurance companies in Florida.  The top five rankings include:  Capital Health Plan, Health First Health Plans, Aetna, Cigna Healthcare, United Healthcare and Neighborhood Health ranging from 94% – 93% in quality ratings.

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