Florida Health Insurance Quote

Getting a Florida health insurance quote may be one of the most confusing queries a consumer can make online.  If you have ever entered your info on a quote page, you know what I mean.  The query will render hundreds of quotes ranging anywhere from $40-$1,000 per month.  Many people want to know why such a swing in premium.  Well, the main factor is deductible choice.  The higher the deductible the lower the premium and vice versa.  The purpose of this article is not to educate you on the differences within plan, but rather why it is important to use a licensed independent agent while getting a quote.

Every agent wants to make a sale, however, career agents should put clients first and not push someone into making a decision if they are not fully informed.  By empowering a client to fully understand which quotes to look at is the key, and simply buying on price alone can cause you (the consumer) to possibly make a mistake in carrier choice.  Buying a health plan is confusing and there are a couple of very important elements of the quoting process that will greatly reduce stress and worry while waiting for a carrier to make a final offer of coverage.

1.  What conditions do you have that might prevent you from receiving the quoted rate?

2.  Do you want a copay or will you accept a negotiated rate if you visit a Doctor?

3.  What medications do you take and is coverage for the medication important to you?

4.  Can you qualify for carrier A, carrier B, or both?  What might prevent you from attaining a desired plan?

These are some of the questions you might want to ask a licensed agent before you spend time reviewing plans on your own.  Sometimes when you attempt to attain a plan based on carrier name or price, an underwriter may have to make certain decisions like whether or not to charge more for your premium, block certain coverage and even decline you.  You are not being singled out, an underwriter bases their decision on the carriers guidelines.  The agent and the consumer, if working together, can prevent an adverse underwriting decision if the proper carrier is selected.

You can still get the plan you are looking for and a premium at or near your healthcare budget, however, you might not be able to be with carrier A.  Carrier B might be your best bet.  By choosing the appropriate carrier gives you the best chance of a stress-free underwriting wait and the proper policy and card will be mailed to you.  To receive assistance regarding attaining a proper Florida Health Insurance Quote, visit www.rtcinsuranceadvisors.com today and speak to a qualified licensed agent.  We are happy to help.  Have  good day.

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