South Florida Health Insurance

There is no doubt the premiums for south Florida health insurance are of the highest in the State.  Many people are struggling to keep the policy they currently have or the price point is set so high, a person is forced to go uninsured.  This, of course, can be frustrating to say the least.

Some of the factors actuaries use in setting health insurance premiums are based on age, gender and zip code.  On average, a person living in Dade county can be asked to front an astounding 70% more in premium for the exact same plan offered in another zip code in FL.  Requesting a quote in Dade county could make some of us want to run for the hills.

If you are not already aware, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida is offering a solution to the nearly 600,000 uninsured residents of Miami that rolled out July 1st of 2009.  This plan is comprehensive and is named Miami-Dade Blue.  The network of providers is limited to Dade county only.  This will be an issue if you travel outside the county.  Also, it is important to note which providers accept Miami-Dade Blue.  It is not enough to assume that if a provider accepts Blue Cross that this plan will also be accepted by the provider.  The provider must specifically accept Miami-Dade Blue.  There is a downloadable provider list available.  A Blue Cross agent can help you with locating providers.

Overall, this plan is very generous considering the premium price.  It comes with more limitations and restrictions compared to a full-fledged major medical plan, namely the cap on office visit benefits and zero out of network coverage or stop-loss.  The premiums are on average 2 1/2 times lower than the top of the line plans.  The Miami-Dade Blue plan provides you with routine health care services, such as physician office services, as well as basic protection against major illnesses requiring hospitalization or surgery.  Although, this plan may not have all the benefits you are looking for, however, it provides excellent in-network hospitalization at a lower deductible and surely beats a discount program.

If this plan is of interest to you, RTC Insurance Advisors suggest you contact them through their website at for more information regarding Miami-Dade Blue.  This plan is more affordable and is designed to insure more Miami residents.  With the proper information, you may find an affordable south Florida Health Insurance is within reach.

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