Affordable Health Insurance Florida

Many people have different takes on what they consider affordable health insurance Florida.  Is the premium your driving force in determining whether or not a plan is affordable?  Well, if it is, you might wind up owing stacks of money if and when claim time arrives.  Don’t feel alone.  Most people shop for insurance in the same way.   I don’t […]

Florida Health Insurance Brokers

The purpose of this article is to inform you of the two main agent classifications so that you are aware of who you are dealing with while shopping for a new insurance policy.  The two types of agents are Florida health insurance brokers or independent agents and the captive agent.  Let’s define the two. The Independent Florida […]

Florida Individual Health Insurance Plans

You have three main choices when attaining health insurance; governmental (Medicaid or Medicare), group or Florida Individual Health Insurance Plans.  I am not an expert on governmental health insurance , however, from what I understand it can be a very lengthy process to see if you even qualify.  This article will address a contrast between group and […]

Florida Health Insurance Rates

As you already may be aware, there are more than several hundreds of Florida health insurance rates available to you every day.  While running a quote, it may seem that you can essentially name your own price.  It’s true to say that many insurance companies and agents are vying for your business everyday. If your desired plan configurations are similar, we have […]