Florida Health Insurance Rates

As you already may be aware, there are more than several hundreds of Florida health insurance rates available to you every day.  While running a quote, it may seem that you can essentially name your own price.  It’s true to say that many insurance companies and agents are vying for your business everyday.

If your desired plan configurations are similar, we have to ask ourselves…Why is there such a premium discrepancy between carriers?  The reason many potentially attractive and well-known carriers do not earn your business is not due to the vast differences between similar plans, it is due to uncompetitive pricing on the part of the carrier(s).

Even though there are many carriers offering products here in Florida, not every carrier in the State wants to capture the market at the same time.  They are out there and available to receive an insurance policy, albeit at an unnecessary high cost to the consumer.  You are welcome to apply with them.  However, the posted premiums are not indicative for gaining new business clients at a certain time.

What happens is that companies tend to raise new business rates when they have reached a certain client base level and no longer wish to take on new members.  This works in reverse if a carrier would like to gain clients in a particular State or region of a State.  A  Florida health insurance carrier offers different rates by zip code and can name their desired price. 

How can you know what carrier is the most competitive?  The answer is to seek free guidance from a “multiple carrier” broker or licensed agent.  A licensed agent will primarily help you understand which carrier offers the best rates in your zip code while comparing apples to apples.  It is important to compare like or similar plans to get a real understanding of who is the most competitive where you live.

A good and trustworthy independent agent or broker will offer you the best possible plan for your invested premium dollar.  There is no charge for utilizing an independent agent.  An independent agent makes their money from commissions sent direct from whichever carrier you finally decide to insured with.  In essence, a licensed agent is free of charge from your standpoint.  You might as well use a licensed agent to show the best possible plan for your family.

In conclusion, receiving online Florida health insurance rates is daunting while going is alone.  At RTC Insurance Advisors, we will make your next insurance policy change a breeze.  Give us a call at 352-200-2066 today and/or visit our website at www.rtcinsuranceadvisors.com to receive more information.  Have a wonderful day.