Florida Life Insurance Agent – How to Become One

Are you interested in becoming a Florida life insurance agent?  You must first take note that there are guidelines to follow if you wish to become a Florida life insurance agent. The following steps are necessary in becoming a life insurance agent in the state of Florida:

· First, you must meet the minimum requirements such as: being a bona fide resident of Florida, 18 years old and above. You must not be an employee of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs or state service office nor have connections with any funeral establishment. You must also pass the state licensure exam.

· If you feel that you meet all the minimum requirements, you may then decide to take a life insurance course in Florida. You must take a 40-hour insurance course to complete this requirement or an equivalent of 3 semester hours of life insurance including variable annuity from a reputed and accredited university or college. Educational fulfillment can also be equivalent to completion of a correspondence course approved by the Florida Department of Financial Services, or have held a 1-year active life or life and health insurance agent’s license in another state if the other state grants reciprocal treatment to licensees formerly licensed in Florida.

· After completion of your life insurance course, you may proceed in taking the exam to qualify for the Life Including Variable Annuity and Health Insurance Agent’s License. To do this, you must register first on the official website of the Florida Department of Financial Services then complete your application form. You will also have to pay the necessary application fees and that you have selected a method of payment to ensure completion of your application form.

· You will then undergo the fingerprinting requirement for background checking. Your criminal history report will be checked using the FBI-approved fingerprint cards. Once the report is received and the applicant fails to completely disclose their complete criminal records during the application process, it may result in the denial of their application and if already licensed as a life insurance agent, may also result in filing of an administrative case by the Florida Department of Financial Services. It is also important to remember that fingerprint cards must have complete information or else, it will be returned and may cause delay in the processing of your license application. Make sure also not to fold the fingerprint cards.

· If you have any other concerns, you may contact Florida Department of Financial Services directly on how to become a Florida life insurance agent.

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