Florida Health Plans

When you are in the market for new health insurance, you will find out that there are a variety of Florida Health Plans to choose from.  Anyone can go online and choose the cheapest plan you see, but what are you getting?  What if outpatient services are not covered, what happens if I choose a plan with a weak network? Online health insurance quote sites don’t always make it easy to find important factors of a policy.  There are so many facets to a medical insurance plan, it’s best to consult with a professional independent health insurance agent or broker prior to purchasing a health insurance policy.  The broker should carry most of the top major medical carriers for you to see as many similar plans as possible.  The goal is to figure out what type of plan design you require and what your healthcare budget is first, then run quotes from all the major carriers to see who has the best price within the correct parameters.  Comparing apples to apples is tough to do if you aren’t familiar with all the carriers plans.  We at RTC Insurance Advisors work with the major carriers everyday and keep up to date on the plan changes so you don’t have to waste hours of time sifting through brochure after brochure.  We also check your doctors for you to make sure they are in network.

Certain health conditions prevent an good agent from recommending a certain carrier.  An experienced health insurance broker can easily diagnose what carrier you should apply for to give you1quotes the best outcome for being accepted and accepted at a favorable underwriting risk level.  Some carriers exclude coverage, while others just charge a bit more for it.  Call RTC Insurance Advisors before you apply because we can quote all the major carriers for you, focusing in on the plans you like best.  We will see if we need to choose a more expensive carrier to ensure you have any conditions covered.  You can get a free quote on our website and we don’t share your information with anyone else.  Other sites may sell your name to 10 different agents and a call center or two.  Why bother with that?  We will not call you more than once and you can tell us or email us to say you are just browsing.  We are not pushy.  Let’s see  what would be the optimal health insurance plan for you out of all the Florida Health Plans there are to choose from.

Our direct number is 352-200-2066.  At your request, we can quote you over the phone in minutes and then email you the quote for review.  This way you don’t have to fill out any information.  We look forward to working with you.  Thanks and have a good day.

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