Reasons Why Florida Homeowners Insurance is Necessary

When you finally acquire your Florida dream property and fill it with furniture and fixtures, you would naturally be concerned about keeping those free from destruction. You don’t want to wake up one day and discover that you lost everything and realize that you need to start from scratch again. Nobody wants that kind of nightmare. This is why you need to know that homeowners insurance is necessary.


What is a Florida home insurance or HOI? It is so important that obtaining one can help you cope with life-disrupting events. It may seem unnecessary when you ignore the risk of losing everythingFlorida home insurance you own. However, you will truly appreciate its value if a disaster strikes or an accident occurs. Therefore, you should realize what home owners insurance will cover. The following are covered by HOI:

· Those brought about by natural disasters such as lightning strikes, hurricanes, tornados, windstorms, and volcanic eruptions except earthquakes and floods

· Man-made incidents such as theft, rioting, vandalism, faulty electrical and heating systems except war

· Those caused by unforeseen events or accidents such as fire, falling objects, weight of snow and ice, freezing of plumbing system, injuries caused by below par construction of home except nuclear hazard

· Living expenses such as having the need to pay for hotels due to “loss of use” of their homes.


Misfortunes and failures will emphasize that homeowners insurance is necessary. In fact, it is quite a wise investment. It is good news though, that most home loan providers require Florida home insurance. Most condo providers also require tenants to purchase such insurance. Before purchasing homeowners insurance though, make sure to read everything, including the fine print, in the contract. You don’t want to get ripped-off, do you? When looking for an insurance provider, please note that the more coverage your chosen company provides, the more you will be able to save by spending less on the insurance premium. Make sure you document how much properties you own by listing down the appliances, furniture and fixtures present in your home and by taking photos or videos of those. Make sure also to update your furniture and fixtures list every year.


Homeowners insurance is necessary yet some may be unconvinced to get it. However, most of those who failed to invest in HOI find themselves regretting their wrong decisions when misfortunes hit them later on. It is better to save for a rainy day indeed and getting Florida home insurance will take away your anxieties regarding the security of your properties.  Call RTC Insurance Advisors today at 352-200-2066 to discuss a how a new policy can save you money without giving up coverage.