Getting the Best Home Owner Insurance in Florida

There are a number of companies that sell insurance policies. Each company offers different packages and rates that are ideal for the different needs of every client. Anyone who is considering getting his or her home insured will have to know some basic things to get the home owner insurance in Florida that is suitable for his or her needs.


Having a home insurance policy means protecting the home and other personal property within the home in case of burglary, fire, flood, storms, or hurricanes. The home and the furnishings andhome owner insurance in Florida fixtures inside are a home owner’s investment. Those who are getting an insurance policy are taking proactive care of their assets.


A home owner needs to know some basic information about his property before going to an insurance company to get the best rates. He needs to provide the date when his house was built (the year) and the dimensions (in square feet) of the house. The home owner also needs to know the location of the fire hydrant relative to his house and the construction materials used to build his house, i.e. the type of foundation, roof, and walls his house is made of. Knowing these basics will help the insurer choose which rate is best for him.


When shopping for home owner insurance in Florida, the home owner should get as many home owner insurance package information and quotes from different insurance companies as possible. This will give him a level playing field where he can check what is reasonably priced versus what is over-priced. He should also know his financial standing or what amount he can afford to pay the insurance company. In choosing a higher Hurricane deductible and All Other Perils or AOP deductible, the insurance premium could drop in price up by up to 25%.


The potential insured will also need to be knowledgeable of what discounts the insurance company offers for him to get lower insurance premiums. Insurance companies will give discounts for houses that are equipped with security features such as deadbolts, burglar and/or smoke alarms, fire extinguishers/sprinklers, or for houses located in a gated community.


There are insurance companies who will offer discounts for senior citizen clients and for non-smokers. To know more about the specifics of what qualifies for discounts, a home owner should talk to an insurance agent.


In choosing an insurance company, it is best to remember that cheapest is not necessarily the best. Information on legitimate companies is available at the Florida Department of Financial Services website. Here, home owners can check the stability of the companies they are considering or if there are any complaints filed against those companies.


Arming yourself with basic home information, quotes from a variety of insurance companies, and the knowledge that the insurance company you choose is stable will help you get proper rates and the best home owner insurance in Florida.