Why is Getting Homeowners Insurance in Florida So Hard?

In this world of abundance, it’s frustrating when you search for something and don’t get the results you are looking for right away.  In the insurance business, there are several factors that make you ask the question, Why is getting homeowners insurance in Florida so hard?  Don’t despair, sometimes it’s not easy finding insurance.  Here are a few reasons why this is.


Agencies Lack of Carriers


Most often, agencies simply don’t have the right company to place your insurance with.  Even though you might be talking to a specialist, he or she may be working for a company that isn’tWhy is Getting Homeowners Insurance in Florida So Hard independent.  They are captive to one or two companies, so their offerings are limited.  If you request quotes from limited agents, your stress level will rise, making you think there aren’t any options.  We all know that the national carriers aren’t writing homeowners insurance in Florida due to risk, but there are many A rated regional carriers vying for your business.  You just need to talk to the right agents like RTC Insurance Advisors.  We currently work with the top 37 homeowners carriers to help you attain the best rate and give you more choice.


No Capacity


Now that you know about step one, go with an agency that has options for you, we need to also address capacity issues with homeowners insurance carriers.  Getting back to the mention of the captive agent, if the companies they offer aren’t writing business in your zip code, then you are left with no quotes.  From time to time, these A rated regional companies take on so much risk or new applicants, that they reach what’s known as capacity.  Capacity means that the company will no longer accept new applications in a certain area to enable them to stay within their re-insurance requirements.  If there is a catastrophe, the insurance company needs to be certain they don’t have too many homes to payout claims on.  This prevents you from applying with them.


Type of Home


Another main reason why we have so many carriers is because each company has different underwriting guidelines.  Let’s say you can’t find insurance because your roof is over 15 years old.  Most carriers require homes to have been re-shingled within 15 years, but some companies give you 20 years.  Homeowners get their policy cancelled over this.  Another reason may be that your electric has aluminum wiring.  While some carriers don’t allow this, others do. 


All in all, check with us at RTC Insurance Advisors for a quote.  You can call us at 352-200-2066.  We will make sure to get you the right policy.  You will be happy you made the call or filled out our quote request form below.  By doing this, you won’t have to ask the question, Why is getting homeowners insurance in Florida so hard?  It will no longer be the case.