Florida Homeowners Insurance Guide – Top 10 List

Your Florida home is your most expensive investment; thus, making sure that your home gets the proper coverage is important. Here is our Florida homeowners insurance guide that can help you out when purchasing a homeowner’s policy:

  • Make sure that you insure your home for 100% of the total cost to rebuild it. To figure this out, you can take the under air square footage of your home and multiply it by $100. Then, add $25,000 for an attached garage and another $25,000 if you have a pool.
  • Water back-up, nuclear accident, flood and war coverage are generally additional coverage items on your special HO-3 or DP-3 policy form that can be included.
  • Everything in your house is covered at 50% of the total value of the building. To make sure that the coverage is enough for all that you own, it is best that you carry out an inventory. We recommend you keep a database, listing all your property, and make back-up copies just in case. Why not update your records every year?
  • If you need to file a claim, taking photos of your valuables can make the process much easier.
  • Buying enough liability coverage to match your assets is important.  We recommend $300,000 as a minimum. Did you know it’s only $15 more a year on average to upgrade from $100,000 to $300,000?  A no brainer!
  • When it comes to your expensive jewelry or artwork, always purchase endorsements or floaters. You may also consider purchasing a separate policy for this.
  • Since the prices vary significantly, it is best that you shop around with us. We have 37 companies and all our companies are A rated. We’ll figure out which company is offering you the best rate.  We also give a homeowners discount if you bundle your home and auto insurance with us.
  • Keeping your deductible high might be a good move, since most people do not make claims below $1000, because there are insurance companies which may drop you if you make several claims a year. Always call your agent before you call the insurance company. Insurers count phone calls to them against you.
  • Also included in this Florida homeowners insurance guide are the discounts that you can get. There are lots of insurers that you can avail of the discounts from, but you should ask us about this. You may get discounts if you have an alarm system or roof with wind mitigation hardware, or if you live in a secured community, plus many more. Also, if you belong to senior citizen groups, it is best that you mention it since you are considered as low risk – and you can avail of the discounts.
  • Make sure that your policy is updated. Changes in your home like remodeling jobs should be included in the replacement cost.

Florida homeowners insurance guide

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Changing your policy, saving money, keeping your family and other valuables protected are things that you need to know before purchasing an insurance policy. This Florida homeowners insurance guide will help you decide wisely. We are the best source in finding the right company for the homeowners insurance for Florida policy that you need.

RTC Insurance Advisors hopes you’ve enjoyed our Florida homeowners insurance guide and we sincerely want to help find homeowners insurance for Florida. All we need you to do is answer the questions below to receive the most competitive quote from one of our vast amounts of companies. Call 352-200-2066 to speak to a representative if you’d prefer.  Thanks for reading our guide and visiting with us.