Home Owners Insurance Florida – The #1 Advantage of Having It

Florida is a city known for its beaches and resorts. For anyone who is in the process of buying a home to be near its beautiful sandy beaches or for those who already have a home in Florida, having a home insurance policy is essential consideration. It will protect the home owner and his property from unforeseen events that could lead to the ruin of his home or loss of his personal belongings. Home owners insurance Florida provides insured property with client-friendly options of actual cash value or replacement cost.

Actual Cash Value and Replacement Cost Value for Home Owners Insurance Florida

Actual cash value means that the insurance company will reimburse the insured what the cost for repairs or rebuilding is after depreciation. So if the home owner’s house is old, depreciation on its value will apply.

Home Owners Insurance Florida

In 2005, a bill was passed obliging insurance companies to give the full payment to their clients’ property insurance claims without depreciation. This is replacement cost value. An insurance company will pay for the price of repairs or reconstruction without subtracting depreciation cost. This makes replacing or repairing a dwelling cost the same as if it was newly built before it was hit by unforeseen events. For example, when an insurance policy holder’s house is destroyed by flood, the home owners insurance Florida will pay for the materials needed to rebuild his house, but the materials will have to be the same as those used in building the house before the disaster took place.

We Recommend Replacement Cost Value for Home Owners Insurance Florida

For a small additional payment, a home owner can have replacement cost home owners insurance Florida. However, majority of insurance companies will not have this option for older houses.

If the policy holder does not want to enforce the replacement cost value option offered to him by the company, he is required to sign a statement on his insurance application form citing he is declining this offer.

For those who opt for replacement cost value in their home insurance, some policies have inflation guard endorsement. The inflation guard augments the home insurance coverage on an annual basis so that the policy will continue to be current with inflation and monetary value. For those who do not have inflation guard endorsement in their policies, the insurance holder will be the one who will update his policy with the company. This checking and updating should be done annually.

Having home owners insurance Florida gives Florida home owners beneficial options that will save them money in the event of property damage or loss. Having a property insurance policy is not compulsory but it is very advantageous.  Get a quote now or learn more about home owners insurance.