Florida Homeowners Insurance – Storm Season is Upon Us

Now that we have entered storm season in the sunshine state, RTC Insurance Advisors would like to impart some tips and information to assist you in preparing for storm season.  First off, taking a personal inventory of your home is a great idea in general and essential in the event of a claim.  You will want to itemize all your personal property.  This can be done with a camera phone; taking still images or by using the video option.  During a fierce storm, many of us may not be able to leave our homes, so be sure you have enough food and water to last several days.


Also, it is important to mention, you should know your local evacuation route.  Take notice of evacuation route signs on the roads that direct you toward a more safe area if a hurricane hits.Florida Homeowners Insurance  If you decide to evacuate, homeowners policies may or may not pay for your lodging.  Even though this is a provision within your policy, it is generally only paid in the event you suffer a loss on your home and can’t live there while your home is being rebuilt.  Or, if a mandatory evacuation is put into effect.  By simply leaving your home by choice, will not entitle you to this benefit.


Florida homeowners insurance companies do ask you to make an effort to protect your home from further damage if your home has been damaged from a storm.  By doing so, you will be mitigating further insurance company expenses and you will shorten the time it takes to re-build your home.  Boarding up windows or dehumidifying a water damaged area is an example of taking action to reduce the loss.  Keep any receipts for expenses you incur as these expenses may be reimbursed by the insurance carrier.


Speaking of water damage…Did you know that your home owners insurance policy does NOT pay for damage from flooding?  Now is a great time of year to consider flood insurance.  Contact us today at 352-200-2066 to receive a quote for flood insurance.  The policy can’t start for 30 days after you apply (unless you are closing on home and your lender requires it), so act today so you are protected from flood loss.


Finally, please contact your homeowners insurance company right away if you experience a loss and follow the instructions you are given by the claims specialist.  Your agent can also assist you during this time, so you might want to reach out to him or her too.  Stay tuned in to your favorite local news channel and visit sites such as FEMA.  These news feeds will give you the most up-to-date information about the storm.


If you have been thinking about getting new Florida homeowners insurance, now is the time.  Did you know that insurance companies close for new business when storms are immanent?  We can help you find the most competitive rate from a top A rated company today.  Request a quote by filling out the form below or call 352-200-2066.  Be safe!