How to Keep Your Florida Homeowner Insurance Quotes Low

There are ways to keep your Florida homeowner insurance quotes low. You may be paying for coverage you don’t actually need so you can actually save money by eliminating them. Here are some tips to keep your Florida homeowner insurance quotes low and save more on your home insurance every month.

  • Increase your deductible by a few hundred dollars. Deductibles are your out-of-pocket expenses you are willing to shelling out before the insurer takes care of the rest of the expenses. The bigger the deductible the lower insurance premiums will be. It may cost you more when disaster strikes but the savings you get from lower rates may be well worth the money you spend if and when disaster strikes.
  • Save up to 15% on your monthly insurance premium payments by buying both your home insurance coverage and auto insurance from the same insurance company. Most non life insurance companies carry both home insurance and auto insurance policies. You will be eligible for multi-line discounts of up to 15% if you get them both from the same insurance carrier.
  • Unless your property is situated on a subsidence area or areas identified to have sink holes, you should insure only your home and exclude the land under it. Most homeowners make the common mistake of including the land value in their home insurance replacement cost coverage. This increases the monthly home insurance premium you have to pay. But the land will still be there even after a fire or a flood or a hurricane strikes. So unless your property is located in an area known to have sink holes or categorized as a subsidence area, there is really no need to include the land in your home insurance coverage. This will lower your insurance quote and save you a pile of money every month.
  • Most home insurers give multiple discounts which you may not be aware of. Get to know what discounts they have to offer and take advantage of them. These discounts will keep your Florida homeowner insurance quotes low. For example, most insurers will give lower rates if you have security and safety features in your house including smoke detectors installed in every room, a burglar alarm system, deadbolt locks for main and patio entrances, storm shutters for the windows, and a fire retardant roofing to deter the spread of fire. Some insurers even provide discounts to smoke free households. Others give loyalty discounts to their long time clients while others offer senior citizen discounts. Availing any or all of these discounts will significantly lower your home insurance premiums.

It is always best to shop around first for the best rates that offer maximum protection before finally purchasing a home insurance for your property. And it will help a great deal to remember all of the above tips when shopping for the best rates.

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