HumanaOne Copay 70 Plan Review | Florida Individual Health Insurance

HumanaOne Review | Copay 70

We at RTC Insurance Advisors have been saving our clients a lot of money on the HumanaOne Copay 70 this year.  Florida Individual Health Insurance can be affordable.  It’s ideal if you like copay’s for Doctor’s and Specialists, but don’t need to pay extra in premium to have unlimited copays.  This policy usually throws us off when we see 70/30 coinsurance.  It’s okay to have a 30% coinsurance, because in-network, your coinsurance stop-loss is $5,000.  What does this mean?  Well, let’s say you have been in an accident and need to spend a night in the hospital.  Let’s assume, the bills total $64,500.  If you haven’t used your new HumanaOne Copay 70 plan yet for the year, you’ll have to meet your calendar year deductible and then you will be responsible for 30% of the bills until you reach another $5,000 out of pocket.  Then, this plan will pay for covered charges in-network at 100%.  Your maximum out of pocket on a $65,000 hospital charge would be just the deductible you choose (available at the $1,500, $2,500 and $5,000 levels) plus the $5,000 in coinsurance.  Overall, not too bad on a major medical claim.

The HumanaOne Copay 70 also gives you a $0 copay wellness, and 3 more sick visits for the year under the $35 primary and $60 specialist copay.  You will also receive first dollar lab work and both generic and brand name Rx.

Optional dental, vision, accident and critical illness policies are also available.  Compare this plan to the BCBS plan 514 and you will be amazed how much more affordable Humana One is.  We at RTC Insurance Advisors can help you with a free quote.  Just call us at 352-200-2066 today.  Takes seconds.  Or, you can click here or on the banners above or below this review.  Once you get a quote using this banner, you will be carrier direct.  You will need to choose to find out more about Medical an Florida Short Term Medical, it’s the selection on the left.  This will get you into the Humana quoting system.  Just enter your basic info to get a quote.  You will see the Copay 70 on the quote screen.  Be happy, you should be saving premium and go ahead and put in an online application for your new Florida Individual Health Insurance.  We will even keep you up-to-date on the progress of your application and make sure you receive your policy.  RTC Insurance Advisors is the premier agency for Florida Individual Health Insurance.

All in all we give this carrier and plan 5 stars of 5.  Great price point and solid coverage. Get your medical coverage today.


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