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A best selling life insurance policy today is Florida term life insurance. This type of policy allows your beneficiary to receive more money and the rate is less than whole life insurance Florida. The only downside is that it terminates after a specific amount of time. Most people opt for the term insurance policy because of price and they figure they won’t need to pass on as much money to their kids over a lifetime, because their kids will be earning money in the future to support themselves.  Term usually ensures a payout through a policyholders kids college years. 

However, there are a few life insurance buyers who wish to purchase a permanent policy. The reasons can vary from person to person.  Whole life insurance Florida fits this description. Whole lifewhole life insurance Florida insurance is permanent life insurance or cash-value life insurance that can be tailored to a persons specific needs because carriers offer a lot of choices and riders. This policy ensures coverage over the course of the insured’s life. 

A policy is issued once the insurance company determines that the insured is healthy enough to be insured for a specific rate. A medical exam is generally required and other factors are used to make this decision.  The death benefit is the payout a beneficiary receives once the insured passes away. Ordinarily, the death benefit will stay at the same amount for the duration the policy is in-force and premiums are kept up. 

Savings Benefits with Whole Life Insurance Florida

A whole life policy will accumulate cash reserves for you to use if needed. A portion of the money is put into your account and the other part is put into the insurance companies account.  Typically, insurance companies will invest in high grade bonds. The specific type of bonds that are purchased are corporates.  An insured is entitled to some interest, but no principal loss will be experienced. All the risk is placed on the insurance carrier.  If you get in a bind, this type of policy allows you to borrow money from it. The interest rate is very low. If you do take money from your account, make sure to replace it or you might cause your policy to lapse. 

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The most popular form of life insurance these days is Florida term life insurance. Term buys you more death benefit than whole life for a lower premium. But, it will end after a number of years. Alternatively, some people want their life insurance to last, well, for their entire life. This is where whole life insurance […]