Florida Health Insurance Coverage for Kids

Even though they are young, kids may still be able to avail of Florida health insurance coverage. Because of the economic turmoil faced today, families stop paying health coverage as they can noFlorida health insurance coverage longer afford it. With Florida KidCare, children can avail of cheap health coverage as long as their parents qualify. It covers emergency room visits, wellness visits, vision and hearing expenses and mental health costs.


Florida KidCare has four health plans. These are the following:

· Children’s Medical Services Network

· Medicaid

· MediKids

· Healthy Kids


The CMS or Children’s Medical Service gives health care to kids having special needs the moment they were born till the time they reach 18. The services of this program are given by efficient social workers, doctors and nurses and these include newborn screening, child development and early intervention, health care, child safety and protection and vital information for children and their families. To be eligible for this program, families should be below or at 200% of the stipulated federal poverty level.


Medicaid is another health insurance for those households earning low income and cannot get medical insurance. Kids who are eligible cannot get coverage from other KidCare programs. Those who are 1 to 5 years old and have a family income that is lower than 133% of the indicated federal poverty level and those who are 6 to 18 years old and have a family income that is lower than 100% of the signified federal poverty level can avail of Medicaid. Kids below one year old and have a family income lower than 200% of the stated federal poverty level can avail of this health plan.


The MediKids program is open for children who are 1 to 4 years old and they also get several benefits and services of Medicaid and its health providers respectively. Last year, families paid around fifteen to twenty dollars for every household based on the income. Those who are not qualified have to pay $159 monthly premium for every child for them to participate in this Florida health insurance coverage for children.


Another health insurance for children is Healthy Kids which can be availed by those 5 to 18 years old and who cannot avail of Medicaid. They get to avail of visits to doctors, checkups, immunizations, emergency care, hospital confinement and dental care. Last year, families had to pay fifteen to twenty dollars for a monthly premium while those who do not meet the guidelines pay the entire monthly cost of this insurance.


Floridian children can avail of Florida health insurance coverage as long as their families meet the indicated requirements.


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