Common Questions Answered: How Can I Get Homeowners Insurance in Florida?

If you are in the process of purchasing a new home or have had a homeowners insurance policy for a while and think you may be paying too much, you may have asked yourself the question: How Can I Get Homeowners Insurance in Florida?  Well, to answer this question, the ideal way is to seek a quote from an agency that carries as many homeowners insurance companies as possible.  Companies who are A rated.  To check financial solvency of a home owners company in Florida, is a great resource.


How Can I Get Homeowners Insurance in FloridaRTC Insurance Advisors has access to the top 37 homeowners carriers, so we’d be an excellent source for you to request quotes.  What’s interesting about homeowners insurance is that it’s not like any other insurance available on the internet.  What is meant by this is that you can’t purchase it yourself online using a carrier supplied on-line application form.  An agent would have to complete your application for you.  Although there are a few agencies that offer on-line quotes instantly, the rates are never accurate and the carrier’s shown may not even be available for you to insure with.  Often times, online quotes have many faults and it takes an agent to manually query the carriers to see which companies are accepting new applicants in your area.  Quotes will be emailed to you or given over the phone.


Definite factors apply with respect to the type of home you own that will impact which carrier is your best suited company to cover your home.  Roof age, fire hydrant distance and construction of your home are some of these factors that would cause an agent to recommend one carrier over the other.  Talking to an agent will clear up any issues before you apply to a company.  If the wrong company is selected, you could face a cancellation.  Call us today at 352-200-2066 or fill out the form below and request a quote.  RTC Insurance will give you unbiased facts about your choices.  Never again will you have to ask the question, how can I get homeowners insurance in Florida.  We look forward to having you as a client.


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