Florida IRA – A Retirement Plan You Can Rely On

There is much to look forward to in your retirement years. As the grind of many years of painstaking work winds down, you finally get to focus and enjoy the things you’ve always dreamed to do. Ask yourself this question, Will your pension income or SS check be enough to follow your dreams? Now’s the time to consider a Florida retirement plan.

In order to experience the things you’ve hoped and wished for, you may need a safe and reliable source of additional income. A Florida IRA can provide one.

With a Florida IRA you can defer your tax requirement, leaving more cash in your account to earn interest for you. An option you have for your IRA is an annuity. An annuity is a contract issued by a life insurance company that provides people with a guaranteed income for life. You get piece of mind knowing your deposits will yield predictable earnings with a guaranteed interest rate.

Contact RTC Insurance Advisors today to discover which carrier and plan design will best match your specific needs. And, make your retirement dreams a reality.

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