Homeowners Insurance Jacksonville Florida

There is no doubt, Jacksonville, FL is a wonderful place to live.  Not only is Jacksonville the largest city in the State of Florida, Jacksonville is in the First Coast region of northeast Florida.  With its 500+ neighborhood base, Jacksonville, FL offers a robust town full of entertainment and performing arts.

The good news regarding homeowners insurance Jacksonville Florida is that your home insurance is easy to find.  Due to the city’s low chance of sinkhole activity, many carriers are what’s known as “open”.  What this means is the carrier is available to insure your home at this time.  When a carrier gets too many homes on their books, they tend to “close” or stop taking new business.  Not only do homeowners insurance company ’s close for new business, they also drop or non-renew current customers’ policy. If you are in this category, “ my insurance is being non-renewed”, you are not alone. Don’t despair. Contact us today at 352-200-2066 for your next Florida home insurance quote.

A reason why the carriers do this is to reduce hurricane management.  If a carrier has too many homes on the books, their risk increases, meaning the chance of paying out claims rises.  But, this is bad because if there is a catastrophic event, they will have to tap into what’s known as re-insurance.  Re-insurance is basically insurance on a Florida insurance company.  Re-insurance has a premium to it just like your policy and they want to keep this premium low, which also keeps your premium low.  Home insurance carriers want to hinder the chance of taping into re-insurance.  They accomplish this in part by no longer insuring certain risk classes (non-renewal) or taking new business.

Homeowners Insurance Jacksonville Florida Receives Low Rates

RTC Insurance Advisors access to 37 insurance companies and you should have no problem finding the most competitive carrier for your insurance policy.  What we do is run a quick quote which will show us all the carriers from the lowest rate to the highest.  All our carriers are A rated so whichever one comes in with the best rate, we recommend that carrier.  One reason to choose a higher priced home insurance policy is if there is a feature you require that the other carrier doesn’t offer, or if your home doesn’t fit into the lower priced carriers guidelines.

To run a homeowners insurance Jacksonville Florida quote only takes seconds.  We will quote you a low rate right over the phone (352-200-2066) and then finalize a quote by emailing it to you for review.  Then, we can get back together over the phone and issue the policy.  Chances are you will save 30% on your premiums if you have been with the same carrier for many years.  And, you won’t have to give up insurance benefits to receive this savings.  Call us at 352-200-2066 today to see how much you can save and to receive assistance if you are being non-renewed by your carrier.  Thanks and have a good day.


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