Florida State Health Insurance – United Healthcare

United Healthcare of Florida operates as a division of UnitedHealth Group, which is the biggest single insurance provider in the United States.  As United Healthcare provides Florida state health insurance, they strive to benefit the effectiveness and quality of health services of its members, create easier access to required health benefits, create cost-effective and affordable services and products and enhance health care information systems with the latest technology to ensure ease of use.  United is committed to delivering safe and quality health care services, while promoting continuous overall improvement in services.

Approximately 70 million beneficiaries are currently members of United Healthcare’s insurance plans.  United Healthcare provides Florida state health insurance through HMO plans.  Members are required to use physicians and specialists within United’s network, currently comprised of 595,000 doctors and specialists, 80,000 dental providers and almost 5,000 hospitals.  United Healthcare of Florida also provides pharmaceutical coverage for over 13 million members.  The health care system has invested almost $3 billion dollars over the past 5 years in the areas of technology and process improvement, as well as research and development.  These advances have led to a higher quality of care for their member population.

United HealthCare continues to win awards and receive reconciliations for its quality of service and care delivering Florida state health insurance.  United was recently been rated an A from the Best’s Rating Notification.  In 2009, readers of Business Insurance magazine rated United as the best health plan provider.  Also in 2009, United Healthcare was awarded from the National Business Collation on Health, the Innovation Award.  Back in 2008, United was recognized by a Jefferson Award, as one of the nation’s top 10 companies committed to volunteer efforts and community involvement.  And finally, United was distinguished as being one of the top 50 companies for Latinos to work for in the United States.

Eligibility for United’s Florida state health insurance plans is limited to those under the age of 64.  They offer a wide range of plans for both families and individuals including those which requires traditional HMO co-pay, to those designed for health savings accounts requiring high deductibles.  United also offers specialized plans which provide limited short term coverage, and also plans tailored to suit the needs of students.  United Health Care focuses on empowering their members to take control of their health care needs.  Technological tools enable member web users to find their old medical records, and search knowledge bases full of useful health information.

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