Florida Health Insurance Plans – Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers varied Florida health insurance plans to the state’s residents.  The main headquarters for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida is located in Jacksonville, and is the oldest and largest health insurance company in the state.  Dr. Robert Lufrano is the Chairman and CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida (BCBSF), and has promoted revenue of 8.3 billion in 2007.  BCBSF actively works in the government arena, addressing health issues and laws, bills and regulations to ensure the health of their members and communities are well represented.

BCBSF began in 1944 as the Florida Hospital Service Corporation.  In 1946, Florida Medical Services was formed and was eventually renamed Blue Shield of Florida.  Finally, in 1980, the two corporations merged into Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida.  Today, BCBSF provides Florida health insurance plans to 4.2 million constituents in the state, representing a 32% health insurance share in the market.  BCBSF has about 6,500 employees.  They see an average increase of 80,000 members per year, and in 2008, BCBSF processed over 60 million claims and processed $13 billion in payment for services.

BCBSF is comprised of three major areas.  The primary area is the company’s health business, which provides Florida health insurance plans.  These plans include services for health care, dental care, life insurance and pharmaceuticals.  BCBSF health plans include predictable cost plans, temporary insurance plans, as well as plans especially designed to be compatible with health savings accounts.  They also offer value plans which include specialized offerings called GoBlue and FamilyBlue, that effectively lower out of pocket costs and provide guaranteed admittance with no medical or health related questions asked.  Additionally, BCBSF offers several lower premium plans which are effective for those families or individuals who don’t access their coverage benefits very frequently.

BCBSF’s mission focuses on a “commitment to the public good”.  While supplying resident’s with Florida health insurance plans, they center on values such as honesty, respect, diversity, excellence and ethics.  BCBSF’s strong commitment to the community is evidenced by its extensive volunteer work.  Employees donated over 30,000 hours of their time to Florida charities in 2008.  Also in 2008, the BCBSF Foundation donated 10.5 million to non-profit companies in Florida through 58 grants, in addition to employee monetary contributions totaling over $14 million. Blue Cross and Blue Shield overall, provides 39 distinct plans with a national participation of over 100 million.

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